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Hamza Freestyle Skills

Welcome to Hamza Freestyle Skills 

Elevate your game and impress your friends and teammates with our special course designed for young, developing players. Learn freestyle juggling skills in a fun and creative way with guidance from professional freestyler Hamza Bounouader.

What Will You Learn?

Our course will introduce you to 26 iconic freestyle moves, showcasing the tricks and skills that make great creative players stand out. 

Moves You'll Master:

  1. Abdullah's Trick
  2. Alternate Homie Touzani
  3. Around the Moon
  4. Around the Universe
  5. ATW
  6. Basic Kick Ups
  7. Becks
  8. Clipper
  9. Foxtrot
  10. Hamza Flick Up
  11. Hamza Trick
  12. Hat Trick
  13. Hell Juggle
  14. Hop Around the World
  15. Knee Juggles
  16. Knee Stall
  17. Neck Flick
  18. Neck Stall
  19. Side Head Stall
  20. Sit Down Juggling
  21. Sits
  22. Slap
  23. Slap 360
  24. Sole Juggles
  25. Toe Juggles
  26. Touzani Around the World

sample tutorial

These moves will help you develop juggling, control, and combination skills essential for freestyle soccer.

What Will You Achieve?

By the end of this course, you will:

Gain a deep understanding of street soccer and freestyle techniques.
Boost your confidence as you master each skill.
Learn to perform these moves effortlessly in any situation.
Enhance your overall ability as a player, thriving in a fun and supportive environment.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is perfect for any player who wants to:

Learn new skills.
Master existing skills.
Practice and improve at home.

Our meticulously crafted exercises are suitable for players of all levels—beginner, intermediate, or expert. With hours of top-tier moves and skills, you'll find progression tailored to your needs, ensuring success and improvement regardless of your starting point.

Join us and become the player everyone watches in awe!