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What's happening in Europe?

30th June 2023

Panna Knockout is a popular street football tournament format that originated in the Netherlands. It is a unique competition where players showcase their skills, technique, and creativity in one-on-one battles within a small playing area. The objective of Panna Knockout is to nutmeg (pass the ball between the opponent's legs) while maintaining control of the ball.

What's happening in Europe?

The tournament typically takes place in an enclosed space, often referred to as the "Panna Cage" or "Panna Arena," featuring small-sided pitches with walls or boards. Players compete against each other, taking turns to attack and defend. The matches are usually fast-paced, intense, and filled with tricks, feints, and flicks.

The ultimate goal in Panna Knockout is to score more points by nutmegging opponents and avoiding being nutmegged. In addition to points earned through nutmegs, players can also win by scoring goals. The format encourages individual skill, quick thinking, and close ball control.

Panna Knockout events have gained significant popularity worldwide, attracting both amateur and professional players. These tournaments not only provide a platform for players to showcase their talents but also serve as community-building events, fostering a vibrant street football culture.

Panna Knockout has become a recognized discipline within the broader realm of street football, captivating players and fans alike with its unique blend of technical mastery, competitive spirit, and entertainment value.