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Join the Thrilling 1v1 Panna Tournament and Be Part of a Soccer Culture Change!

30th June 2023

Join the Thrilling 1v1 Panna Tournament and Be Part of a Soccer Culture Change!

Are you ready to be part of an exciting and groundbreaking soccer event that will not only raise funds for your club but also contribute to a nationwide soccer culture change? We are thrilled to introduce the first-ever 1v1 Panna Tournament, and we invite you to host this thrilling one-day event at your club!

The 1v1 Panna Tournament is a unique competition that will captivate young soccer enthusiasts and revolutionize the way we approach the sport. Here's what makes this tournament an excellent opportunity for your club:

Join the Thrilling 1v1 Panna Tournament and Be Part of a Soccer Culture Change!

The new 1 v 1 Panna inflatable field is an exciting innovation that offers a fast and creative play experience. With its inflatable boundaries and compact size, it provides a dynamic and safe environment for players to showcase their skills. The field has become a hub for intense one-on-one matches, where players can display their agility, execute tricks, and score incredible goals. It has captivated both players and spectators with its high-speed action and impressive displays of creativity.

Unleash the Excitement

Picture the exhilaration on the faces of the kids as they compete in head-to-head battles, showcasing their skills in the mesmerizing art of panna. This tournament will ignite a new level of enthusiasm and passion within your club members and the broader soccer community.

Statewide Leaderboard and Prizes

Participants will have the chance to be entered into a state-wide leaderboard, providing recognition for their individual prowess and talents. The top performers will be rewarded with exciting prizes, creating a sense of achievement and motivation for the players.

Donation to Your Club

As an additional incentive, for every player representing your club in the tournament, we will make a generous donation to your club. This event is an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your club's development programs, facilities, and future initiatives.

Fuel a Nationwide Soccer Culture Change

By hosting the 1v1 Panna Tournament, your club will be at the forefront of a nationwide soccer culture change. This event promotes individual skill development, creativity, and innovation, fostering a new era of soccer where technical abilities take center stage.

Venue Flexibility

One of the best aspects of the 1v1 Panna Tournament is its versatility in terms of venue. You can host the tournament on your club's grass field, turf field, or even utilize existing basketball/tennis courts or a spacious parking lot. Flexibility allows you to maximize your club's resources and accommodate the event in a location that suits your needs.

Hosting the tournament is a straightforward process, and our dedicated team will support you every step of the way. We will assist with logistics, provide marketing materials, and ensure a seamless experience for both participants and spectators.

By becoming a host club for the 1v1 Panna Tournament, you will not only raise vital funds but also position your club as a pioneer in the evolving soccer landscape. This event will attract attention from local media, sponsors, and the wider community, boosting your club's visibility and reputation.

Join us in creating a lasting impact on the soccer community and securing a bright future for your club. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

To express your interest or for any further information, please visit the site at and contact us for further information.  Together, let's embark on a journey of soccer innovation, skill development, and community engagement.