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About Panna Champ

Panna Champ was founded in 2023 to bring the excitement of a Panna Tournament into a fun & exciting game concept that is easily accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages & all abilities.

Panna Champ is the latest sensation in the realm of competitive gaming, where players of all ages and abilities can participate and revel in the exhilaration of 1v1 matches. Our team has worked tirelessly to bring you an experience that is not only easily accessible but also incredibly enjoyable.

With its debut season just around the corner, we are thrilled to invite you and your players to be part of this ground-breaking journey. The Panna Championship promises to provide your players with an invaluable opportunity to hone their skills through engaging and dynamic 1v1 encounters. The thrill of the competition and the chance to showcase their talent will undoubtedly leave them with unforgettable memories.

Our Tournaments

Have you ever heard of a Panna tournament?

It's one of the hottest upcoming sports events where players compete to prove they're the best. The goal is simple – score as many goals as you can in 3 minutes or try and nutmeg your opponents by rolling the ball between their legs. Through fancy footwork, backheeling and sharp movement, defeat your various rivals in an action-packed event that keeps participants on their toes all day long.

Come join us for 1v1 Panna Tournament – with entertainment from music, skills, competition and more, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

The 1v1 tournament offers a different kind of tournament. The tournaments are not only spectacular, but they also brings players together who inspire and motivate each other and at the same time battle with each other for prizes! The tournaments are also a great opportunity for participants to show their skills to the world.

Panna Rules


What is a Panna?

A panna is when the ball is played between the opponent’s legs.

  • A panna must be intentional; the official assigned to a game always has the final call
  • You cannot make a panna unless you have ball possession to begin with
  • You do not need to retrieve the ball after making a panna
  • It is not a panna if the ball hits the side as the last thing before going through the legs of the opponent
  • It is not a panna if the ball is poked through after it has been caught and locked between the legs of the opponent

Tournament Rules

  • A panna match lasts minimum 3 minutes
  • The player with the most points after 3 minutes wins
  • Goal = 1 point
  • Panna = 1 point
  • When the ball is outside the court an official will throw a ball back in to the player who did not kick the ball out. Player must start at their own goal
  • The ball cannot hit the side as the last thing before entering the goal
  • A panna game is started by having two players standing back to back in the middle of the court with a ball in between them. When the official starts the game, the
    players can turn and look for possession
  • Players are expected to shake hands (or something similar) in sign of respect before a game is started
  • There is NO discussion allowed. The officials always have the final say
  • With some hard faults the player will get 2 warnings from the officials. After 2 faults every subsequent fault result in a point for the opponent
  • Timidity, playing inactively and stalling the game is not allowed. Timidity includes playing mainly with the back to the opponent and/or persistently keeping the ball away from the opponent in a non-technical way without trying to score or faking the opponent out
  • The officials shall enforce upon any type of unfair play
  • Officials can choose in any point of the game to disqualify a player in extreme cases such as violence, verbal abuse or continuous disrespect of the officials

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