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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any problems or need to ask a question that isn't covered here, please contact us.

How are the online courses delivered?

Online courses are delivered through our account system, in your account you will be able to see all previous purchases and watch or download any material related to your course.

If you course should have a questionnaire afterwards, you can complete this if you haven't already done so or view the results of your test.

Please note course materials may be updated from time to time, if you are looking at an old test the course materials you used to pass the first time may have been updated with newer and better materials.

Does my computer need any special software to access your courses?

No special software is required to access course materials.

Chances are if you're already on this website and able to see the content on it clearly without any issues your computer is up to date enough to view and download all the materials relevant to your course.

We advise all people enrolling on courses to ensure they're on the latest version of their operating system (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android) and to check you have all the latest software updates.

Where do I go to see the webinar?

Webinar links will be distributed on the day of the event, please either keep an eye on your email leading up to the event or check your course booking in your account, when a link has been added a button will appear on the page.

If you have not received an email about your webinar and can't find it on your account, please contact us and provide us your account email address & phone number so we can help you.

Are there any fixed examination dates for online courses?

No — unless otherwise stated on the course page.

Feel free to start studying whenever you have time and complete any questionnaire (if applicable).

Where are In Person courses delivered?

Please check the relevant course page for further details on upcoming courses.

If you would like to specifically check your own purchase, you can do so on your account page.

What should I bring to any in person courses?

You should always bring yourself first of all.

For any other requirements please check the course page or your account purchases.